Master Your Marketing Mojo Workshop #1

I’ve been getting approached by many amazing people just like you, who are wondering:

♥ How the heck do I use Instagram to gain followers and get leads?
♥ Should I boost a post on Facebook?
♥ How do I get more traffic to my website?
♥ Should I pay to advertise with Yelp?
♥ How do I show up higher in Google search results?

guess what

+ I haven’t spent a PENNY on Yelp advertising &  I get 5-10 leads per month!

+ I’ve never boosted a Facebook post.

+ My new Insta account acquired 20 new followers in 1 week and 49 likes on one of my first posts

Which is why I want to share my super-secret knowledge with you. My new Master Your Marketing Mojo Series will focus on answering each of these questions ~ in fun but effective sessions.

Master Your Marketing Mojo Series ~ #1 Optimize Yelp + Get Glowing Reviews

For the first Master Your Marketing Mojo workshop, I’ll be focusing on how to optimize your Yelp page and touch on the benefits of NOT ADVERTISING with Yelp. AKA not forking over money and wondering where it’s going and IF it’s making an impact.


Then, I’ll send you a follow up PDF template to show you a helpful way you can build your testimonials without ever soliciting {basically begging} for reviews.

You may not know the first thing about online marketing, or you may be a seasoned pro, but I promise that these techniques have been tested and proven to generate amazing results. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. You’ll have fun yet feel accomplished knowing that you’re taking steps towards furthering your business and organically magnetizing people to fall in love with you and your brand.

Master Your Marketing Mojo ~ Optimize Yelp + Get Glowing Reviews

Hurry up and claim your spot!

$100 ~ purchase your seat now.