Master Your Marketing Mojo

1-on-1 Workshop

I’ve been getting approached by many amazing people just like you, who are wondering:

How do I get more traffic to my website?
◆ Does Pinterest really work?
◆ How do I show up higher in Google search results?
◆ How do I grow my blog?
◆ How do I grow my readership?

guess what

+ I went from 800 to 4,000+ organic Instagram followers – in just a few months! 

+ My Pinterest Strategy has helped countless businesses grow their web traffic by tens of thousands and up to 58.16% in just 1 month.

+  I grew my own blog followers from zero to 914 people in 3 months.

Which is why I want to share my super-secret knowledge with you. In my Master Your Marketing Mojo Meeting, we will focus on answering each of these questions ~ in a fun but effective session.

Master Your Marketing Mojo 2.5 Hour Workshop 

You may not know the first thing about online marketing, or you may be a seasoned pro, but I promise that these techniques have been tested and proven to generate amazing results. During your 2.5 hour meeting, you will learn these specific strategies and be given the tools to implement them right away. You’ll walk away having a new system to start building your following. The only way it won’t work, is if you don’t implement it.

We will meet for coffee (one me!) for an intensive (but fun) 2.5 hour session. You will walk away feeling accomplished knowing that you’re taking steps towards furthering your business and organically magnetizing people to your brand, cause, or expertise. What you have to share with the world is important – it’s time to get it out there!

Master Your Marketing Mojo 2.5 Hour 1-on-1 Session

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