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Unless you’ve been digitally dark for the past 10 years, chances are you’ve heard of Yelp. If not…well, that’s weird. And, you should stop reading this because nothing will make sense from here on out. Please also stop reading this if you’re not ready to increase your sales by up 20% this year, if you don’t have any room for more clients, or if you’d rather be eating icecream in bed. Wait – that last one is okay.

Great, so now that I have the attention of all you savvy individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners/service providers who are ready to generate more income from Yelp…listen up! I’ve got a juicy sandwich secret I want to share with you.

What if I told you that I’ve discovered a strategy that helped me grow my business by 30% and generate over $100,000 of income in one year? What if I shared the statistics with you and showed you the step-by-step plan to implement it in your own business? What if I told you, it’s SO simple to do, and it’s ready to implement right now, TODAY.


You can call me crazy. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter if I’m crazy or not. It matters if this Yelp Strategy works. And guess what? Does it freakin’ work! I have the money in my bank account to prove it, and the statistics from Yelp to show it.


There is none. Truth is, I’ve come to realize how harmful it is to be a selfish asshole in this life. It’s much more fulfilling to collaborate with others, and make a difference by sharing the knowledge I have gained. After basking in the success of what Yelp has done for me, I woke up one morning and thought – hey…I should really share this amazing secret I have with other business owners who need it too. Especially after reading the book, Find Your Why, by Simon Sinek, I discovered a pivotal truth. The reason WHY I do what I do, is actually because I enjoy helping others.


Two things that totally kill me:

#1 How many people tell me they’re too scared to start a Yelp Business page for fear they will receive bad reviews.

#2 How many business owners create a Yelp Business page and it just sits there…like a social tool without a use, as Sublime would say. Oh, the wasted potential!

This is where I come in…wearing a red cape.

So all you damsels in distress, listen up. What I’m going to tell you next is important. It involves numbers – and we all like proof.

According to a recent study by the Harvard Business School, a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to at least a 10% increase in revenue. That’s a big deal. AND through my strategy, clients have seen up to a two-star raise in star rating, resulting in a 20% increase in sales. For my own business, last year in 2018 I generated 100k from Yelp. If this sounds cool to you, don’t forget to sign up for your free starter guide. I’ll give you tips on how to optimize your Yelp page NOW to get you ready for the next steps…

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Bethany is the Creator and Owner of Content Social Media Queen Inc. She helps service providers who utilize Yelp for their business and don’t know WTF they’re really doing.