*CEO of Content Social Media Queen*

Hello there lovelies! I’m Bethany…

“Deep thoughts with best friends. Singing solo. Create with abandon. Dream without worry. Love patiently, kindly, and completely. Give without expecting to get. Persevere in the rain. Dance in the sun. Never look back.”


*Marketing Coordinator for Content Social Media Queen*
Imperfection is my armor.
Kindness is my sword.
Faith is my shield.

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*Newsletter Manager for Content Social Media Queen*

Heyyy, I’m Jaclyn, but you can call me Jackie for short.

Masters in Business.
Aspiring world traveler.
Lover of words.
Nerd in multiple dimensions.
My motto is: Work, Travel, Study, Play, Repeat.
Cheers to seeing the world one adventure at a time.


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*Blog Writer for Content Social Media Queen*

Hi, I’m Eric. Blog writer for Content Social Media Queen. I have over 5 years of freelancing experience in copywriting and editing, and an M.A in Linguistics. I most enjoy writing about real estate, mortgage lending, marketing, technology, cybersecurity, and travel.


*Social Media Specialist for Content Social Media Queen*

Hey, it’s me, Ashley!

Journalism with a Minor in Business.
Fun fact: I accompanied a friend to The Bachelorette casting. She made it on.
Thankful for: puppies, a higher power, and the beach.


* Social Media Manager for Content Social Media Queen*

Hello! I’m Miranda. 🙂

Social Media Manager for over 5 years.
Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram aficionado.
Free time is spent traveling & eating my way around the world.