Devastating Pictures of Oil Spill Tar Washed up on Huntington Beach

I was in tears yesterday after hearing about the oil spill in Huntington Beach. Imagining all the wildlife affected and our beautiful ocean waters just ate at my soul. We are so disconnected and desensitized to our food and the ecosystem, it’s sad but true. Today may just feel like another Monday to you, but the truth is, our ocean is in grave danger right now.

My brother was visiting from out of town this weekend and today we ventured to the beach. As we walked, we noticed globs of tar just resting on the sand. We started picking up as much as we could. In a span of 5 minutes we already had accumulated the size of a fist. I’m not sure how locals are able to help with relief efforts. Every link I’ve clicked or phone number I call seems to be out of service.

Huntington beach oil spill
Tar on the sand in Huntington Beach

If you have any information on disaster relief, particularly beach clean up for this oil spill, please comment below.

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