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Have you been searching for a Social Media superstar to help with your online presence? Maybe you’re not sure what platform to grace the world with your presence, but allow us to encourage you – you’re not supposed to! Whether you’re an interior designer, beard product company, real estate agent, beauty blogger or inventory management software, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners and professionals JUST LIKE YOU increase their audience, sell more products, make more money, create a bigger impact and get closer to their goals.

social media consultingWe don’t believe in just a set-it-and-forget-it service. Our owner, Bethany Michaels, customizes each and every one of our client’s services based on their specific needs and goals. She loves leading “Discovery Meetings” to prompt revelation and create new strategies, leading to healthier businesses and happier customers.


We pride ourselves with the work and compassion to every clients we have. We make sure that we are providing you what you really need…

Don’t take our word for it, ask our amazing clients!

She knows her marketing info and helped direct us to grow our business on the best platform. She listened to our concerns and answered our many, many questions with patience and understanding. With so many bait and click “marketing experts” these days, we really appreciated her knowledge and authenticity.

– James Otto

After giving us more time and advice than she needed to, she introduced us to people who could help us out in the right ways and businesses that could be potential partners. That’s great business.

Chad Sweet

….Always with a

I own a small business as a hairstylist in the Phoenix suites and she immediately had ideas on how to get more people in my chair using social media and my existing clientele. Her attitude and vibes are so good you’ll feel like you’re just working with a friend! No matter what kind of business you’ve got, she’s a necessary ally in growing it. Book a consultation with her asap! It’s a no brainer!  – Brent Myers

Social media is in their wheelhouse, but creative direction and creative ideas are what make them stand out from the rest. Her strategy and interesting concepts have helped clients go viral (and grow their incomes too.) Highly recommend working with her.

Terra Jordan

She helps me out with my social media work for my smoke shop. Super-fast at responding and she cares about the job she is doing ! Totally recommend !!

Shaker saad

She helped me clarify the best strategies to grow my business and she backed it up by running analytics to show me my ROI, she understands business and really makes me feel like she is invested in my business. She looks at every social media engagement from the viewpoint of ‘is this gonna make money’ – that’s refreshing and that’s the service I pay for!

– Patrick B.


Let’s start your journey to social media success! Schedule an appointment with me! Go now: contentsocialmediaqueen.com/lets-meet

6 Reasons Why Social Media Likes Are Important for Your Business

There are several ways to boost likes on social media. You can promote a post via a paid advertising campaign, or you can focus on growing your page through organic reach. Either way, getting more likes is crucial if you want your business to grow on social media. Discover six reasons why social media likes are vital for your business. 

1. Engagement Plays a Role in Social Media Algorithms

Bethany social media queen

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram look at like counts to determine how likely it is for a reader to find a particular post interesting. Facebook’s mission, and that goes for every other social media platform as well, is to keep users on the site. They don’t want users to go off and do something else, because they lose out on ad revenue. The longer someone stays on Facebook, the more ads they will end up viewing and clicking on.

To keep users on the site, Facebook tries to show them content they would find interesting. One of the ways it determines whether a post is interesting or not is by looking at like counts. If a post only attracted a few likes out of hundreds of impressions, it’s probably not very interesting, so Facebook will start showing that post less. It doesn’t want to show boring posts to users.

If a post gets hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of likes, on the other hand, Facebook assumes that post will be interesting to others as well. As such, it prioritizes it in people’s newsfeeds.

Not only that, but if your profile page consistently publishes content that gets massive amounts of likes, social media platforms like Instagram will start recommending that others follow you. Your profile might appear in the suggested or discover sections of the particular social media platform you are using.

2. Engagement Can Help With Brand Awareness

Social media engagement is also important for brand awareness. As I mentioned in the previous section, if you get consistently high engagement rates, people will find you more via the discover or search sections of social media platforms.

Also, when your posts get a lot of likes, users will start sharing them. The more interesting your posts are, and the more people like them, the more people will share them. That will help get your brand out there and increase brand exposure for free.

3. Likes Are Positive Social Proof

Likes act as social proof. Think about it. If someone lands on your page, and your posts only have 3-5 likes each, what will they think about your business? Most people will think that your posts are uninteresting or that you don’t have much to offer, which is why nobody is engaging with your posts. It might sound a bit harsh, but that’s the truth. Even if they don’t think that explicitly, it’s still the impression many people will get.

On the other hand, if someone lands on your page and all of your posts have hundreds of likes and comments, it will draw their interest. They will want to see what the entire fuss is about and why so many people are attracted to your page and find it worth their time to like or comment.

Social proof is extremely important on social media. The entire point of social media is for people to keep up with friends and family and find interesting content that other people recommended and shared.

That means you need to get your foot in the door, so to speak, to start attracting the first batch of likes. Once you start getting a nice amount of likes, your page will experience a snowball effect of your likes leading to additional likes, which build social proof and help you get even more likes.

However, it’s not just about the likes. Many potential customers will be researching your company or business and land on your social media page, either through Google, a direct social media search, or by finding your profile links through your site. If they see that your page struggles to get a decent amount of likes, many will be turned off.

They might become suspicious that you can’t seem to attract engagement or that nobody is liking your posts. Even if they are not suspicious, there’s just not enough information for them to base their decision on.

However, if they see that a lot of people have liked your page or posts, they will feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

Did you know that 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member? Think of likes on your social media posts as votes attesting to your quality of service, customer support, brand integrity, and trustworthiness. The more votes you get, the more likely people are to purchase from you. It’s like local backlinks and citations; the more quality citations you have, the better.

4. Likes Can Help You Go Viral and Expand Your Reach

The dream of many social media marketers and content creators is to hit that sweet spot one day and go viral. You don’t plan when you go viral; it just happens. Sometimes, it can take months or years of publishing quality content until you publish a single:

  • Story
  • Meme
  • Infographic
  • Video

Or any other post that catches people’s attention and causes you to go viral. However, while you can’t plan on going viral, there is something you can do to make it more likely: get more likes.

The reality is that even if you publish viral-worthy content, people need to be able to find and share that content in the first place to start the viral sharing effect that comes after. The more likes you have, the better chances you have of someone finding and sharing your post.

You don’t have to go viral to be successful on social media. You can get fantastic results by simply growing your reach organically, step-by-step. However, if you do manage to go viral, that would dramatically change the game and allow you to get a lot of free traffic and sales.

5. Constant Engagement Keeps Your Community Fresh

coffee image social media queen

Without constant engagement, your social media community will die out. You need continuous engagement if you want to keep attracting new people and get your existing fans to keep sharing and engaging with your content.

You also need continuous growth. If the same 10 people are always liking and commenting on your posts, you will have a harder time keeping up the momentum. To drive momentum, focus on getting new likes and engagement from new people.

6. Constant Engagement Can Help Attract Returning Customers

Finally, constant engagement helps you attract repeat customers. If your momentum dies down and people stop liking and commenting on your posts, Facebook and other social media platforms will stop showing them as often to your existing customers.

Did you know that people only see around 15 percent of posts shared by friends, family, and pages they follow on Facebook? The more friends people have on Facebook, the less likely it is for them to see a post you shared. However, if they consistently like your posts, Facebook will show them your posts more often.

It’s the same with Instagram. If you consistently like posts shared by a brand or a particular person. Instagram will start prioritizing posts from that brand or person and show them to you at the top of your news feed. It goes back to what I explained before — social media platforms want to keep users on their site, so they show them posts they think they will like.

The social media platforms also hope that by constantly showing users posts from people they interact with often at the top of their news feeds, people will open the app more often and more frequently throughout the day.

That is why it is not enough to get more followers. You need to get your followers to engage with your page and posts as well. As an aside, that’s why it is almost always a bad idea to buy followers or to get followers who aren’t interested in your niche. While it might inflate your follower count, it won’t help you increase engagement. It is a bad look when you have a lot of followers and very little engagement, as it will show that you bought followers.

Wrapping it Up

So, there you have it: six reasons why you need to get social media likes on your posts and tweets. If you are having trouble with organic growth at the beginning, you can consider setting up a paid campaign. For example, Facebook allows you to set up an advertising campaign with the objective of getting likes.

Organic growth is always better, as it allows you to grow at a lower cost to you, thus increasing your bottom line. Some ways to get more organic likes are to publish more often, publish more quality content, post live videos on Facebook, and post memes and GIFs when appropriate. Conduct some A/B split tests to figure out which content gets the most likes. 

Devastating Pictures of Oil Spill Tar Washed up on Huntington Beach

I was in tears yesterday after hearing about the oil spill in Huntington Beach. Imagining all the wildlife affected and our beautiful ocean waters just ate at my soul. We are so disconnected and desensitized to our food and the ecosystem, it’s sad but true. Today may just feel like another Monday to you, but the truth is, our ocean is in grave danger right now.

My brother was visiting from out of town this weekend and today we ventured to the beach. As we walked, we noticed globs of tar just resting on the sand. We started picking up as much as we could. In a span of 5 minutes we already had accumulated the size of a fist. I’m not sure how locals are able to help with relief efforts. Every link I’ve clicked or phone number I call seems to be out of service.

Huntington beach oil spill
Tar on the sand in Huntington Beach

If you have any information on disaster relief, particularly beach clean up for this oil spill, please comment below.

Thank you,


How to Spice up Your Social Media – from the Experts at Content Social Media Queen, Inc.

If You can Come Up with a Subject Line for an Email, You can Come up with an Engaging Newsletter Title

Image result for gif you've got mail

Emails! What was once just a “You’ve Got Mail!” alert, now has become a lingering shadow, following us into our cars, at our desk, or really anywhere a phone is accessible. We’ve always got mail.

Email is like the Paparazzi of Technology

Image result for papperazzi gif

Email has expedited and infiltrated our lives at such an accelerated pace. It’s like the paparazzi of technology. Remember when you would open your email browser and see a message from a friend or coworker? Ah, the good old days. Now in 2020, many people are less than thrilled with their email experience… especially with websites becoming more and more persistent. Not only do websites want to collect your cookies, but now you can’t even view  something for less than 5 seconds without a barrage of pop ups, ads, and the dreaded “give us your email” command, promising to deliver offers and promotions (and other junk) directly to your inbox.

To avoid the hustle, we firmly believe that when you do send out an email to your clients or prospective customers, it needs to be something of quality.

It’s crucial to make sure when you press “SEND”, you have a juicy story to tell that won’t get lost in the shuffle. – Bethany Michaels, CEO of Content Social Media Queen

Allow us to introduce you to a perfect tool to communicate with your audience, better known as newsletters!

Newsletters are a great way to keep your current client base engaged with milestones, current happenings, and updates in your business. New products, new services, exciting changes – something unique you learned that taught you a lesson. Let your clients know that you have more to offer than what originally got them through the door in the first place!

But don’t take our word for it.

new line

Discover what our clients say about Content Social Media Queen newsletter services:

cotent social media orange county“Bethany is a creative gem… have you seen the way she creates newsletters? SO unique – she really knows how to leverage current trends in technology to stand out and get noticed. She’s a keen businesswoman and we’ve collaborated on a social strategy before. Her input has been totally invaluable. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to drive more attention to your business, stand out from your competitors and reap the benefits in your bottom line!”

– Review courtesy of Sarah M.

marketing social media cali“Bethany wrote blogs and coordinated email marketing campaigns for a publishing company in Laguna. She implemented many successful strategies and social media efforts. Very creative and result driven. A powerhouse combo! I would definitely recommend it.”

– Review courtesy of Carmen A.

marketing agency in orange county“My name is Lylah. I own a farm in Arizona, but met Bethany when she called me to do an interview for an Orange County publishing company several years back. We connected instantly. It’s true – if you love who you work with, it makes “work” so much more enjoyable. Recently, I enlisted Bethany’s help to generate ideas for my own skin care brand, and also help with a Pinterest strategy for both my farm and skin care businesses. I’m thankful for the expert tips and strategies she’s given me to help generate more traffic to my website. Thank you so much for your help!”

– Review courtesy of Lylah L.

content social media

How to Use Blogging to Attract a Larger Client Base

Let me start by saying that blogging has evolved from what you’re most likely thinking of. It’s no longer just an outlet for angsty people to word-vomit their thoughts and opinions into an open internet forum. Blogging today has evolved into a new-aged way to attract readers (who have huge potential to become clients) with information in a less formal setting than what a corporate website may offer.

Blogs have gone from what was, essentially, an online diary, to a legitimate way to get information that isn’t cranked out of a corporate machine. Yes, blogs still allow for free expression, however, they have become an effective tool in sharing information in an age where having a digital presence for your business is of the utmost importance. Blogs are now evoking a dialogue between author and reader, and our experts at Content Social Media Queen can’t wait to help start the conversation!

content social media

How to Take the Headache out of Social Media (Where we Come in)


Social media, the final frontier.

Okay, maybe not the final frontier, but it seems like the first and last (sometimes only) place people go to in order to get their information these days. We won’t sugar coat it: social media is sometimes tough to navigate on your own; especially if you have limited experience managing it. But, FEAR NOT! Social media isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s here to help you expand your client base by getting your business noticed in a way that is engaging and fun. As an effective tool of communication with consumers, social media outlets such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, are the way to go in order to reach a broad range of consumers.

Content Social Media Queen is an expert boutique marketing agency, specializing in tailoring social media strategies catered to your business.

You did the hard part, you turned your brilliant idea into something tangible. Whether you’re a big business or still in the thick of building your systems and ready to jump the freelancing ship, our team at Content Social Media Queen is the life vest you’ve been waiting for. Stop struggling and flailing your arms in the kiddie pool, it’s time to graduate to bigger waters and bolder horizons ahead.

Content Social Media Queen is ready to bring our brilliant social media magic to the table. And the crazy thing is, there’s no catch.

“I needed consulting to grow my social media presence for my new photography business so I booked an appointment. Best decision ever! Bethany’s advice and counseling changed my perspective on Social Media and inspired me to create engaging content that now reaches way more people than it did. And that was only the first week. I can’t wait to look back in a few months and see the progress we made.”

– Review courtesy of Pedro B.

Bethany came out to speak to a group of us at a monthly meeting we hold. Her creativity and knowledge of Social Media gave us all a better understanding and clearer path we should be doing on Social Media. Thank you Bethany!”

– Review courtesy of Mickey

We can’t wait to hear more about you and learn how we can help.

Give us a call today at 714-330-2087

Why Realtors Choose Content Social Media Queen to Generate Leads

As we all know, today’s world has been shaped by Social Media platforms that help curate the audience businesses need to succeed. Content Social Media Queen Inc. (CSMQ) is your go-to source for content curation and creative design!

Why do Realtors choose Content Social Media Queen

Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and interior designers choose Content Social Media Queen above other marketing agencies because we have over 27 years of combined experience in these niche industries! Content Social Media Content Queen in Costa Mesa, provides the consistency, juicy content, and creative campaigns you’ve been craving. Owner and CEO, Bethany Michaels, is a well known and renowned “social media saint” that caters to clients from across the world with a passion that can’t be matched. Our team of savvy individuals can help transform your content into highly generated searches while also consulting you throughout your social media marketing endeavors.

If you are tired of not generating enough attention on social media or maybe you just don’t have enough time to post your milestones and exciting new events – we get it, you can’t do EVERYTHING even though you wish you could. Time is limited, and we’re still waiting on Elon Musk to make cloning a thing. So until we’re able to do two times the amount of work in one day, it’s best to delegate top priorities to a reliable, smart source. Which is where our team comes in.

Our experts at CSMQ Inc. guarantee a tangible transformation in your social media efforts so you can let go of the reigns and focus on top level tasks.

Content Social Media Queen Inc. has worked with many Realtors ranging from Reno, Nevada to Newport Beach and many other areas in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Here’s what some of our recent Realtor clients have to say:

real estate agent Content Social MediaContent Social Media Queen is an understatement! Bethany creates my monthly e-mail newsletter, posts amazing blogs and keeps my FaceBook business page fine tuned. I’m amazed at how she can turn a simple event o lecture I attend into an amazing story that captures my audiences attention. Every month I receive positive feedback from my sphere of influence as they are engaged and entertained by the Queen’s cleverly crafted Content. My real estate business has surged since bringing Bethany on board. Thank you Beth! – Neal Fincher

Luis Mota realtor orange countyBethany, Is a marketing, editing, writing and social media superstar! She knows her stuff and takes the time to work with clients individually and gets to know their business to market it effectively. She and I worked together at Stampington & Company and collaborated on some of their most successful online marketing campaigns and content. We were able to achieve our high outcomes through strategic planning and research. Currently working with Content Social Media Queen on other aspects of business and she is a great source for digital marketing. If you have a company, especially one in real estate, Bethany is your go to gal, since she has been in the real estate marketing business for 7 years. Highly Recommend! – Luis Mota

Darrell Plummer real estateBethany’s expertise in copywriting and marketing helped aid our office of over 50+ real estate agents take their business to the next level. She provided compelling marketing collateral to consumers, offered strategic marketing classes to our agents and was a powerful speaker at events. She positioned herself as our company liaison and PR specialist, and I would highly recommend Bethany’s expertise to anyone looking for practical solutions to increase leads, establish their brand and magnify their online presence. – Darrell Plummer

We help convert potential clients into homeowners through our Yelp strategy and comprehensive marketing efforts. We love putting together customized plans for our clients, because no one does it just like YOU. Recognizing your unique talent, we want to spotlight the things that set you apart from competition, and highlight your distinct quality through the content we create. We offer monthly services like: social media management, business consulting, blog writing, newsletter management, email marketing, and graphic design. Our team is dedicated to the success of your social media messaging and overall brand. We love checking in with our clients and having weekly calls to create consistency and continue our momentum. If you don’t have the time or energy to manage your online presence, or maybe you just need a quick refresh on ideas and tools to do it yourself – give us a call today at 714-330-2087 for a free 15 minute consultation.

Bethany Michaels
Owner of Content Social Media Queen

Give Thanks Free Printable

I’m feeling festive with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner (always comes too fast!) So, I’ve created this cute little printable for you to do whatever your heart desires with. Frame it and put it on your desk, hang it on a wall, or prop it up on your mantel at home.


Free Printable “Give Thanks”  to decorate your home for the holidays!

Click to download your size:

8×11 printable | 6×6 printable

Much love,

Official Sayonara Summer Blog Hop

I am SO beyond excited to introduce the first annual Sayonara Summer Blog Hop! What’s this, you ask? It is my cathartic way of coping with the end of summer ~ saying farewell to unending sun rays and beach days so that I can just as easily welcome Fall with open arms!

The idea of the blog hop is to brighten the mood a little bit (sensing I’m not the only one trying to chase away summertime sadness) and give some ways we can embrace the coming of Fall and all it’s wonders!

We are featuring some epic stories and exciting how-to’s from amazing business professionals in Orange County, Arizona and Portland throughout the month of September.

The blog hop will feature:

  • food connoisseurs
  • farm owners
  • book enthusiasts
  • photographers


Giveaways + Stay Tuned and Check Back Often!

Every week during the month of September, a new Blog Hop Host will be posting their own special post (on their own blog) and we will feature that web link right here. Each Blog Hop Host is offering a special giveaway! So be sure to read the full post and enter to win!

Come back here often to check newly updated links and learn how you can get even more chances to win giveaways!

Blop Hop Posts:

September 5th – Lori Baker, Food Truck Caravan

September 5th – Channell Holmgren, Inspired by Purpose/ Inspired by Mommy

September 12th – Brocoff Photography

September 19th – Me! Content Social Media Queen

September 26th – Tammie King, Night Owl Reviews


Meet the Blog Hop Hosts:

LoriLori Baker of Food Truck Caravan 

Food Truck Caravan offers full service catering and event planning for weddings, gourmet gatherings, and other special events in the Phoenix metro area. Lori is spotlighting some of the most memorable moments of summer in her blog post. Plus ~ she’s offering a fun giveaway.

brocoffJessica & Chris Brocoff of Brocoff Photography 

Jessica and her hubby, Chris, own their own awesome and totally professional photography company based in Southern California, but they are lucky enough to travel the world to capture couple’s shots for their special day.They specialize in wedding and engagement photography.  I am a HUGE fan of their work and am so blessed that they’re joining us today! 

ChannellChannéll – Inspired by Purpose

I met the beautiful Channéll in Reno, NV. She is the creative founder behind Inspired by Purpose, a fitness movement intended to build healthier people through nutrition, fitness and community. Inspired By Purpose has the goal of teaching people how to be successful in today’s dynamic, ever-changing world! 

Tammie_ViennaTammie King – Night Owl Reviews

Tammie King of Night Owl Reviews created the Night Owl Reviews network; a group of 7 genre-specific web sites focusing on delivering professional book reviews. The goal of NOR is to help readers find their next great book and to connect with authors.

I am so excited to feature each of these amazing individuals on my Sayonara Summer Blog Hop. I hope you it’s as fun for you as it is for us!


love bethany copy

1 Free Hour of Services!

Hey there lovely!

Yes- you read that right! I’m giving away one free hour of marketing mentorship!
free services one hour social media

I absolutely LOVE helping people promote their businesses and I want to give someone the opportunity to learn and understand the importance of promoting your business online! Don’t miss out.


How to Enter to Win:

  1. Comment below for a chance to win 1 hour of my marketing services and explain WHY I should pick you. Include your contact info!
  2. Follow one (or all) of my social networks. Every “follow” counts as an entry. Every like or comment counts as another entry. You may enter as many times in the month of July.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/contentsocialmediaqueen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/contentqueenOC

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/contentsocialmediaqueen/

*Winner will be announced end of July on this blog post + contacted via email.


Good luck!

love bethany copy

The Sayonara Summer Blog Hop

Hello beautiful!


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the first annual Sayonara Summer Blog Hop, featuring amazing business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

I handpicked each and every one of you, because I thought you would be a great contributor to my Sayonara Summer Blog Hop!

This has proven to be an extremely successful way to promote your business to current customers and potential clients.

Topics that are acceptable:

♥ Lifestyle
♥ Photography
♥ Client partnerships
♥ Current events

In order to participate, you will need your own website and blog.

If you would still like to be involved but don’t have enough time to write a blog post, I will provide a custom blog post for you. Contact me for pricing details.

If you’re interested in joining the movement please email me and I will send you a deadline day for your blog post to be completed by.

Check out this video for more details:

My goal is to build a community of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. I encourage everyone to follow each other. Make friends! Once I get a list of everyone participating together, I will share a list so everyone can get to know each other!
love bethany copy

SoCal Summer | A Few of My Fave Things

Beachin’ in Huntington

Huntington Beach Summer Blog Sunset Beach

The beach is my getaway. It’s what gives me peace from the crazy conundrum that is the 405. {All my Cali peeps know what I mean!} My favorite beach in Cali is Huntington Beach. I love the laid back surfer vibe. And the new posh, Pacific City elevates the scene to a whole new level. Definitely my favorite spot for a beach walk after a long day of work or during my lunch break!

Lunch at Greenleaf!

Green leaf Costa Mesa

Greenleaf in Costa Mesa is delish. Not only does it have fresh ingredients, but it’s generally pretty healthy. Beach bod, here I come!  They have great salads and their turkey sandwich on a pretzel bun is amazing!

Check out the yummy details {of photo above}:

Lemongrass Chicken Salad

scarborough farms baby mixed greens, grilled chicken, mango, grilled pineapple, jicama, popcorn shoots, toasted coconuts, cashews & thai chili with lemongrass lychee

Turkey Melt on Pretzel Bread

aged cheddar, spinach, caramelized onion with truffle oil & Greenleaf signature whole grain mustard aioli

Mmm yes please!

Portola Coffee Lab

Costa Mesa portolaPortola Coffe Lab

Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa is a hip coffee shop where business people {and hipsters} have their morning coffee and open up their Macbooks to look important. Yes, I’m guilty as charged. 😉

I love the environment here, and the coffee is crazy good. But beware, the wifi is super slow, and you might have to fight over electrical outlets to charge your laptop. Otherwise, it’s a great meeting spot for clients or friends.

Starbucks + Intern =


Not only do I love my morning Starbucks, but my cute intern, Ashley, has made my summer so worthwhile ! I’m so excited to bring my new team member on board ~ she’s been such a treat to work with.

Doodling at Kean Coffee in Newport


Yes, I know, more coffee… What can I say? I’m in love! My adventure at Kean Coffee consisted of drinking coffee-and yes- doodling, which I have found is an amazing stress reliever. It’s always important to rest and relax and take time to recalibrate.

Drinks by the Beach

Dana Point? CA

It was my first time visiting Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, and I wish I never left. Had drinks with former Global Technical Director for DreamWorks Animation. Such a relaxing afternoon with a beautiful view of the resort that juts up next to the ocean shore. 

The Santa Ana River Trail

River Walk?Huntington:Newport

The Santa Ana River Trail is another great getaway during the summer! The trail starts in San Bernardino County and extends 110 miles to the ocean between Huntington and Newport. Before you get all excited about 110 miles, I ran the trail for two and stopped in the middle of it to look at the ocean! 😉

Universal Studiosssss!

Universal Studios

I thought it was high time to step outside of my Orange County bubble and make a trip to the faraway land of…LA. HAHA. It truly is a different world over there. My intern and I headed to Universal Studios last week and had a blast. AND we even survived the traffic! But – is it too soon to say that I’m glad to be back in my bubble? 😉

I hope you enjoyed my So Cal Summer adventures! What have you been up to this summer? Comment below, and let me know if you have recommendations of other great places to visit on the West Coast.