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If You can Come Up with a Subject Line for an Email, You can Come up with an Engaging Newsletter Title

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Emails! What was once just a “You’ve Got Mail!” alert, now has become a lingering shadow, following us into our cars, at our desk, or really anywhere a phone is accessible. We’ve always got mail.

Email is like the Paparazzi of Technology

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Email has expedited and infiltrated our lives at such an accelerated pace. It’s like the paparazzi of technology. Remember when you would open your email browser and see a message from a friend or coworker? Ah, the good old days. Now in 2020, many people are less than thrilled with their email experience… especially with websites becoming more and more persistent. Not only do websites want to collect your cookies, but now you can’t even view  something for less than 5 seconds without a barrage of pop ups, ads, and the dreaded “give us your email” command, promising to deliver offers and promotions (and other junk) directly to your inbox.

To avoid the hustle, we firmly believe that when you do send out an email to your clients or prospective customers, it needs to be something of quality.

It’s crucial to make sure when you press “SEND”, you have a juicy story to tell that won’t get lost in the shuffle. – Bethany Michaels, CEO of Content Social Media Queen

Allow us to introduce you to a perfect tool to communicate with your audience, better known as newsletters!

Newsletters are a great way to keep your current client base engaged with milestones, current happenings, and updates in your business. New products, new services, exciting changes – something unique you learned that taught you a lesson. Let your clients know that you have more to offer than what originally got them through the door in the first place!

But don’t take our word for it.

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Discover what our clients say about Content Social Media Queen newsletter services:

cotent social media orange county“Bethany is a creative gem… have you seen the way she creates newsletters? SO unique – she really knows how to leverage current trends in technology to stand out and get noticed. She’s a keen businesswoman and we’ve collaborated on a social strategy before. Her input has been totally invaluable. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to drive more attention to your business, stand out from your competitors and reap the benefits in your bottom line!”

– Review courtesy of Sarah M.

marketing social media cali“Bethany wrote blogs and coordinated email marketing campaigns for a publishing company in Laguna. She implemented many successful strategies and social media efforts. Very creative and result driven. A powerhouse combo! I would definitely recommend it.”

– Review courtesy of Carmen A.

marketing agency in orange county“My name is Lylah. I own a farm in Arizona, but met Bethany when she called me to do an interview for an Orange County publishing company several years back. We connected instantly. It’s true – if you love who you work with, it makes “work” so much more enjoyable. Recently, I enlisted Bethany’s help to generate ideas for my own skin care brand, and also help with a Pinterest strategy for both my farm and skin care businesses. I’m thankful for the expert tips and strategies she’s given me to help generate more traffic to my website. Thank you so much for your help!”

– Review courtesy of Lylah L.

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How to Use Blogging to Attract a Larger Client Base

Let me start by saying that blogging has evolved from what you’re most likely thinking of. It’s no longer just an outlet for angsty people to word-vomit their thoughts and opinions into an open internet forum. Blogging today has evolved into a new-aged way to attract readers (who have huge potential to become clients) with information in a less formal setting than what a corporate website may offer.

Blogs have gone from what was, essentially, an online diary, to a legitimate way to get information that isn’t cranked out of a corporate machine. Yes, blogs still allow for free expression, however, they have become an effective tool in sharing information in an age where having a digital presence for your business is of the utmost importance. Blogs are now evoking a dialogue between author and reader, and our experts at Content Social Media Queen can’t wait to help start the conversation!

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How to Take the Headache out of Social Media (Where we Come in)


Social media, the final frontier.

Okay, maybe not the final frontier, but it seems like the first and last (sometimes only) place people go to in order to get their information these days. We won’t sugar coat it: social media is sometimes tough to navigate on your own; especially if you have limited experience managing it. But, FEAR NOT! Social media isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s here to help you expand your client base by getting your business noticed in a way that is engaging and fun. As an effective tool of communication with consumers, social media outlets such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, are the way to go in order to reach a broad range of consumers.

Content Social Media Queen is an expert boutique marketing agency, specializing in tailoring social media strategies catered to your business.

You did the hard part, you turned your brilliant idea into something tangible. Whether you’re a big business or still in the thick of building your systems and ready to jump the freelancing ship, our team at Content Social Media Queen is the life vest you’ve been waiting for. Stop struggling and flailing your arms in the kiddie pool, it’s time to graduate to bigger waters and bolder horizons ahead.

Content Social Media Queen is ready to bring our brilliant social media magic to the table. And the crazy thing is, there’s no catch.

“I needed consulting to grow my social media presence for my new photography business so I booked an appointment. Best decision ever! Bethany’s advice and counseling changed my perspective on Social Media and inspired me to create engaging content that now reaches way more people than it did. And that was only the first week. I can’t wait to look back in a few months and see the progress we made.”

– Review courtesy of Pedro B.

Bethany came out to speak to a group of us at a monthly meeting we hold. Her creativity and knowledge of Social Media gave us all a better understanding and clearer path we should be doing on Social Media. Thank you Bethany!”

– Review courtesy of Mickey

We can’t wait to hear more about you and learn how we can help.

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