The Sayonara Summer Blog Hop

Hello beautiful!


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the first annual Sayonara Summer Blog Hop, featuring amazing business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

I handpicked each and every one of you, because I thought you would be a great contributor to my Sayonara Summer Blog Hop!

This has proven to be an extremely successful way to promote your business to current customers and potential clients.

Topics that are acceptable:

♥ Lifestyle
♥ Photography
♥ Client partnerships
♥ Current events

In order to participate, you will need your own website and blog.

If you would still like to be involved but don’t have enough time to write a blog post, I will provide a custom blog post for you. Contact me for pricing details.

If you’re interested in joining the movement please email me and I will send you a deadline day for your blog post to be completed by.

Check out this video for more details:

My goal is to build a community of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. I encourage everyone to follow each other. Make friends! Once I get a list of everyone participating together, I will share a list so everyone can get to know each other!
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