Why Work with Content Social Media Queen Inc.

Have you been searching for a Social Media superstar to help with your online presence? Maybe you’re not sure what platform to grace the world with your presence, but allow us to encourage you – you’re not supposed to! Whether you’re an interior designer, beard product company, real estate agent, beauty blogger or inventory management software, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners and professionals JUST LIKE YOU increase their audience, sell more products, make more money, create a bigger impact and get closer to their goals.

social media consultingWe don’t believe in just a set-it-and-forget-it service. Our owner, Bethany Michaels, customizes each and every one of our client’s services based on their specific needs and goals. She loves leading “Discovery Meetings” to prompt revelation and create new strategies, leading to healthier businesses and happier customers.


We pride ourselves with the work and compassion to every clients we have. We make sure that we are providing you what you really need…

Don’t take our word for it, ask our amazing clients!

She knows her marketing info and helped direct us to grow our business on the best platform. She listened to our concerns and answered our many, many questions with patience and understanding. With so many bait and click “marketing experts” these days, we really appreciated her knowledge and authenticity.

– James Otto

After giving us more time and advice than she needed to, she introduced us to people who could help us out in the right ways and businesses that could be potential partners. That’s great business.

Chad Sweet

….Always with a

I own a small business as a hairstylist in the Phoenix suites and she immediately had ideas on how to get more people in my chair using social media and my existing clientele. Her attitude and vibes are so good you’ll feel like you’re just working with a friend! No matter what kind of business you’ve got, she’s a necessary ally in growing it. Book a consultation with her asap! It’s a no brainer!  – Brent Myers

Social media is in their wheelhouse, but creative direction and creative ideas are what make them stand out from the rest. Her strategy and interesting concepts have helped clients go viral (and grow their incomes too.) Highly recommend working with her.

Terra Jordan

She helps me out with my social media work for my smoke shop. Super-fast at responding and she cares about the job she is doing ! Totally recommend !!

Shaker saad

She helped me clarify the best strategies to grow my business and she backed it up by running analytics to show me my ROI, she understands business and really makes me feel like she is invested in my business. She looks at every social media engagement from the viewpoint of ‘is this gonna make money’ – that’s refreshing and that’s the service I pay for!

– Patrick B.


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